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genesis kodi add on

We hear it all the time. “Oh no, Genesis is down!” It was a great add on but ever since I started using XBMC now named Kodi, I always had other add ons that I utilized. For me it all started with Navi-X which you can get through repo. Navi-X has tons of different sources for movies and more. User lists normally get updated daily.

navi x


Phoenix add on which is also in the Fusion Repo has been the go to add on lately. Filled with new content HD and SD of course. New movies in good quality and much more. The developer from Genesis has actually been involved with Phoenix and thus far they are doing a hell of a job.


Kodi 2015-12-30 09.22.06

One242415 has great links along with Rockcrusher. Too many to choose from.

Kodi 2015-12-30 09.22.29


For TV Shows and Movies S.A.L.T.S is a great add on. It is loaded with many different links to find good working movies or TV shows. You can get the correct version here of SALTS Download the zip here

Kodi 2015-12-30 09.49.05


These are just of few of the alternatives for movies and TV show add ons.. I know everyone loved Genesis, but why bother with all the trouble of finding working links when you have other options. Stay tuned for a follow up video review on more add ons soon.

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