Custom Builds and Wizards


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A lot of us by now who use Kodi run a custom build of some sort. Whatever your choice of build is that is up to you. Tons of options are out there if not you can build your own. With all the Kodi politics going on at the moment, bad builds are giving Kodi a bad name. What I mean by bad is builds that are bloated and not manintend etc. Sometimes when you run Kodi occasionally you’ll get some errors. Add on errors, script errors, etc. These things cause some of the users to get upset and right away blame the person(s) who created the build. First off it is extremely a lot of work to maintain a build for a lot of people. That is why  a Wizard can be a helpful tool. 61OOh8GnZLL._SL1000_









It allows the creator to make changes to a build upload to the server and have people download it through a repo and install on their device. So technically the user has the new updates for their build. Which is a great way to add a new add on to your build and send it off to others. The problem is when you update through a wizard it just adds to your existing files. Which is not a bad thing, but if you have one build already and then run a wizard for a new one; it then can create more files than necessary for Kodi. In doing so, you get add ons that have wrong versions or that are outdated. Here is an example of it on a Windows machine.

addons 2016-02-18 14.25.35 packages 2016-02-18 14.25.47

packages Properties 2016-02-18 14.26.11


The first picture shows the packages folder which holds the zip files or plugins etc. When you update sometimes these files are left behind as they are shown in picture 2. So this file size can become rather large after a while if nothing is done about it.  The third picture shows a rather large size. When it comes to a Fire Tv Stick this can later on affect the storage capacity and you can get those low memory pop ups which of course cause a performance issue. Just something to keep in mind when trying out builds. If the “builder” says it is a minor update it shouldn’t be a problem. But sometimes if it is a major update I recommend just doing a fresh start to add the new content especially if you are switching builds. There are tools like the Raw Maintenance tool to help you clean up Kodi which you can add by going here.  It is not always a bad thing to just run the wizard in a build but these are just somethings to keep in mind. Some builds are light and some are rather large in size. It all depends on your device of course.

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