Dexter 2.0 Out Now!


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Be sure to sign up at for this great add on. It truly is a good alternative for live tv. Be sure to donate to the team behind Dexter TV for their hard work. Review video will be up later.





With IPTV Stalker gone to paid subscription there are some alternatives. One way is to enter your favorite M3U list into IPTV Simple client, you can check out the tutorial on that here.  It works good but now we have two new add ons recently surfacing. cCloud and Dexter’s TV. Both seem to be the solution at the moment for IPTV Stalker. Thanks to Tech Timeruu’s YouTube video on the installation of both. Check out the video and be sure to like and subscribe to his channel. We will post more about this later on this week. A review on both etc. Until then let us know what you think of the new alternatives.


  1. Not very happy w the new dexter not as many USA live TV channels as before including no USA H2 was hoping to see the same as before or better 🙁

  2. Tried signing up using 3 emails, never got a confirmation email, it won’t let me reattempt with any of them because it says they are in use but none will work and I have no passwords set. Any Help?

  3. I have the same problem!!!!!! NO email from Dexter!!! Testing with 3 email accounts!!! Never got a confirmation email!!! What´s wrong???

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