Genesis 5.0.1 Update


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genesis kodi add on

Genesis got updated to 5.0.1 today. Here is the change log on what’s new in the update. Been testing it out and so far seems better. Streams are loading up a bit quicker with less errors.


Genesis 5.0.1 update
Genesis 5.0.1 update


If for some reason it didn’t auto update check out our section below on how to manually update.


TGIF! What a better way to start the day than to see Genesis 5.0 released. Upon launching Kodi it should automatically update. For any reason it does not check out the video below on how to manually install it. Now we can stream in happiness once again. =)




Don’t forget there are tons of alternative add ons in Kodi. Here is a list of a few.


Phoenix is great for movies, tv shows, sports, cartoons including a huge Disney Movie Collection.

phoenix add on










TV4ME is another great source for TV Shows to catch up on when Genesis is not available.

tv4me add on









ICEFILMS one of the original addons great for tv shows and movies








1Prime Channel  one of the original addons also great for tv shows and movies










There are so many but just a few we recommend trying when things don’t work in Genesis. If you have any other ideas or fixes let us know. We’re glad to hear from you guys.


  1. I gave 5.0.1 a shot and there has been no improvement over 5.0 whatsoever: content does not load or if it does, it is SD and stuck buffering forever.
    While some blame UK ISPs, after going back to 4.8.5 everything works fine. So to me it looks like the updated sources and/or resolvers don’t work in this region being at the root of the problem.
    Since the sources cannot be edited beyond their priority order, users of several regions are locked out.
    So I’ll have to stick with 4.8.5 until I have found an equally reliable alternative.
    In short: Genesis 5 is broken and has ceased to work.

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