How To Install Pub Films


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pub films

Here is a great add on for movies and tv shows. We recently added it to our Kodi Fire build and it works great. Another option to Genesis. It has a lot of movies and tv shows. At this point we don’t know how long Genesis will remain working. No matter how many tweaks, list orders, etc it seems to be on it’s last limbs. This is why we should try other add ons that work for your own needs. So far Pub Films has been working great. ┬áHere is how you add the Pub Films repo.

  1. Go to settings file manager/add source/ Once you do so save it as anything. For this example we used .Muckys.

Kodi 2016-01-04 09.45.23

2. Go to settings/add ons/ install from zip. Click on the .Muckys and install the repo not the wizard.

Kodi 2016-01-04 09.45.42


3. Go to settings/ add ons/ install from repository/ and select PubFilm. There you have it all installed and ready to go.

Kodi 2016-01-04 09.46.19

It has a few sections for movies.

Kodi 2016-01-04 09.46.46


Tv shows are under the series section. Enjoy!

Kodi 2016-01-04 09.47.07

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