How to set up Trakt on our KF1 Build:


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  1. Create an account at

2. Go to your favorite add on, in this case we will use covenant and open it to the tools section

3. Go to the accounts section and click on the Trakt authorization. This will give you a link and a code to sync your Trakt account to your add on

4. It will then prompt you to allow the add on you have chosen to be set up with your Trakt account


5. Go to your movie or tv show of your choice in the chosen add on and click on the Trakt manager and add to your collection

6. Now in our KF1 build go to our Trakt section and in this case we chose a movie so click on the my movies link

7. Now it will show everything you have added to your collection.


To take this even a step further as long as you are logged on the website, you can easily add anything from any browser. Simply visit Search for a movie and then just click the add to collection button. This will show up the next time you use kodi in your collections list.




For those of you who do not have our build, check out our video below and it will walk you through the set up.




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