IPTV Stealth Free Add On (Not Stalker Clone) Update 1-14-16


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iptv stealth

I decided to revisit their website today and now show they have gone away from the “free” accounts. So you now have a few more options. The Basic and Premium offer 5 max ip changes. The Platinum now offers 15 max ip changes. If anyone has tried this let us know how it is working out for you guys.
IPTV Stealth - Home - Google Chrome 2016-01-14 12.53.14


Once again an IPTV Stealth Free add on pops up. Of course if you want a full working IPTV add on you can always sign up for a paid sub. This add on offers three versions. So far we tested the free version and it has been working good. The free version offers 300 channels non HD, the monthly offers over 1050 channels, HD support and the one time payment of 39.99 is suppose to offer the full package. A lot of these pop up stalker clones tend to go down and not work. But this one is not a clone of Stalker. If you wish to try sign up at http://repo-stealth.com/site/ and get the zip file and install it. Let us know what you think.

  1. Download the zip file from the link above.
  2. Settings/add ons/install from zip.
  3. It will then show this add on.


Kodi 2016-01-06 13.42.53

4. Try any section. Here we used the USA channels
Kodi 2016-01-06 13.44.16

So far a lot of good results with a lot of the channels just non HD since it’s the free version.

Kodi 2016-01-06 13.44.43


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