Is Kodi In It’s Final Stages With 3rd Party Add Ons?


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As I have been noticing a lot of add ons are going down. Zeus and now Robinhood, and who knows what else will go down soon for good. Some turning into paid services others just don’t want to deal with the trouble of the law or other issues. The developers do put in tons of hours and hard work to keep us happy with the free goods. But we never seem to be content. We complain this is down, we can’t download now, streams are not there etc. In the end we have to think this is a free service that has become extremely popular. I remember starting to mess around with Direct TV before it was fun but Pansat-9200-HD-1I knew that it wouldn’t last. FTA was introduced and that was short lived also due to people becoming greedy and selling “working codes” etc. I then started to mess around with XBMC when it was on the orignal Xbox. Navi-X was the cool thing at the moment. We were a select few who knew how to install it and get our content and stream with our “fast” DSL blazing speeds at the time.

I ventured out tried different options such as the short lived Boxee Box. It had great potential but it wasn’t quite there yet. Sure you could get Navi X on it and watch stuff but felt so meh. Developers tried to get it going but it just wasn’t the cord cutter.

boxee box


Now we have Kodi which has been out for a while. A cool application to stream your media. But now that we have all these 3rd party add ons things changed drastically. You see people on Ebay, Amazon, Craigslist, and even setting up shop at local events selling their “exclusive cord cutting boxes.” They claim its their builds, mods, etc. Most won’t even donate to the actual developers of the 3rd party add ons. As a community we are suppose to help each other and solve issues within Kodi. Share builds and give credit where its due. But we’re too busy trying to profit off something that is free. So as add ons seem to be going down, will Kodi be next? It has become very commercially popular and everyone including big brother is watching. Maybe we need to come up with a way to give back to the community more and especially the developers. That way things can stay on track, less complaints, and a more fluid Kodi eco system. Let’s keep it that way and keep the big companies from winning by continuing to work together to makes this better and not worse. Goal of all this was to “cut the cord.” If the solution was to pay a yearly fee of say $19.99 I would be up for it to keep Kodi going smoothly, developers would get their share, everyone wins =).


  1. Very true post, I have donated in the past to builds and providers i liked, but paying sky or any other provider €70-100 a month, i just cannot do. a yearly sub of say €30-50 should be made mandatory for the use of kodi, which in turn should in turn be divided out among developers, otherwise kodi will disappear like all good things.

    • I fully agree with you and also think that Kodi is something all of us users need to protect and support so it doesnt get swallowed up by yet another scumbag corporation. Like so many different mediums and other tech type advances, Kodi is unique and super awsome but if its allowed to be exploited like it is now, it will dissapear and then life will suck for us novice users and for those that dont know how to write code or hack into media suppliers etc. I have no problem paying a yearly fee to keep Kodi rolling along and sustained so that the Kodi world stays like it is instead of the terrible alternative.
      Ive had it with being ripped off by sattelite co’s, digital cable co’s and all the other tv providers. All theyve done is rip me off bigtime for eons and hassle the living crap out of me when my bill is 24 hours late for crap sake. They are the most greedy lowlifes going next to the banks and govt, if they get their gross hands on Kodi its over and then ill have no choice but to either pay bigtime again or search hard for the next tech that offers the incredible kickass access that Kodi does. I just spent a good bit of money on a totally new Android box thats loaded very nicely and has all the latest hardware, software etc, i urge all Kodi users to add their pledges to supporting a yearly fee or some other type of support so we can keep the beautiful world of Kodi living on for a long time…….
      Kodi devs and all those that keep it goin, you have my pledge and my pledge to chip in a fee to support your work,time and fresh maintenance of all thats involved in Kodi.
      And thanx for all your hard work……Cheers

  2. The best things in life are free. Until greed comes in. Found XBMC four years ago. Mashup went away. Thought that was the end. Several others have stepped in. Always this grey area about simply watching a link. If it was completely illegal YouTube would be gone. I am just amazed how it works. There will be a day that cable TV will be gone just like payphones. It will all be streaming. Just controlled by greed.

  3. I said it be for they have lots of cheap ass people. Who moan and complain when Kodi addon is freezing or its down..they cut there local provider which is in some countries $40 to $100 A MONTH.. But find it hard to donate a small $5.. I call these cheap basters cheap assholes.. Your not paying for cable any more but can’t support.. I don’t blame Kodi if they take a different direction.. But these ppl deserve to feel it the hard way.. Am so pest of does who can’t see other ppl hard work..

  4. Completely agree, have donated myself in the past also and a yearly fee of somewhere in the region you have mentioned would be a small price to pay to keep a great service going and give a little back for the work that these guys put in.

  5. I use a fantastic premium addon, and I have donated to others as well, its still nothing compared to what I used to spend on cable.
    Robin Hood still works, I use Money Sports daily.

  6. Kodi has nothing to do with third party addons. It’s been around since the XBOX days. This article is scare mongering to a degree.

    How many sites come and go on the pirate scene for tv and movies? Aslong as sites are readily available to scrape then users will have no issues getting sources to watch their favourite shows.

    Years ago many thought torrents were a dying bread, they still are going as strong as ever. The third party side of Kodi will be around for a long while yet. It will only disappear when something better replaces it.

  7. Regardless of whether this article is “Scare-Mongering” or not, ( And I do now know either way ), it does suggest one very true reality of our world, GREED can and does ruin great things we all enjoy and want sticking around. All those involved in creating all thats involved in allowing us users to access wicked media and programming etc DO Need to not only acknowledge their hard work and time etc but also support them so they keep on producing killer features and other techs we all love and use and also support them so the creating and progress continues and constantly inspires new and diverse devs and those adding to our overall enjoyment within the Kodi world.
    Just one guys opinion and 2 cents about something i really like and definitely want sticking around and progressing for many many years to come.
    I refuse to go back to supporting greedy scumbag cable/sattelite/etc corporations and their nonstop desire to rip off their customers any way they possibly can. Their disgraceful greed is sickening to see and experience and we all need to keep supporting things like Kodi so we always have options besides being swallowed and under the foot of those media executives and their board rooms full of greedy lowlifes and their nonstop desire to take every dime we have to access their mostly crap programming.
    Support Kodi Devs and all those involved in maintaining and progressing the Kodi world !!!!

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