Kodi Fire & Chill Skin Mod | Now Live | Updated


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We decided to give it a shot and tweak a skin to run like the Netflix interface. There is one out there but we like to just do things from scratch and try our own version. Thanks to marcelveldt for creating the Titan Skin and it was brought to my attention that Schism has a Kodiflix build. Just seen it looks similar. We just went off a Titan Skin tutorial in the forums and added our own tweaks. But huge shoutout to Schism for the build. On that note, we come across things that become popular in Kodi. Skins like Aeon Now, Eminence and Arctic Zephyr that are very popular. People create these skins and then have their own “builds” So in other words everyone is copy the same layout but adding their tweaks. As long as we work together and give credit to the originators I think Kodi will continue to be great. I like to refer to “builds” more of mods. Since a lot of us didn’t create the original skin, we are just modding or changing the add ons or layout. Anyways here is the “build” mod. It does contain the XXX content but we are working on a “lite” version soon. Try it out let us know how it works for you. You can add it via our repo http://kodifirebuilds.com/repo

The main screen shows Phoenix movies.

Kodi 2016-01-27 09.08.54 Kodi 2016-01-27 09.09.40 Kodi 2016-01-27 09.10.13 Kodi 2016-01-27 09.23.00


Be sure to check us out on YouTube at Kodi Fire YouTube Channel for our Kodi how to videos and reviews.

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  1. The repo site you provided above does not have this skin. Have you abandoned this project since the time that you published the above?


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