Lambda’s Addresses Specto Genesis Fork


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Genesis Fork Add On

Specto Genesis Fork came out caused quite a stir in the Kodi community. People were wondering if the original Genesis developer lambda had anything to do with it. As far as we know he is involved in other add ons and has stopped supporting Genesis. Going through the TV Addon forums today and this is what he said regarding the new add on.

Genesis development has stopped by me and it’s opensource…

I think he changed the author name, this is good.
I want nothing to do with Genesis.
I hope he will also remove Genesis from the name.
I don’t want his users asking for help to me.
I don’t have the time of it, I am very busy.

You shouldn’t ask here or me about it.
If you have any question you should go and ask that guy.
I won’t check the code of every genesis fork that is released or will be released.
I don’t care about Genesis anymore.
If you trust this guy install it.
If you don’t trust him, don’t install it.
It’s that simple.

PS: I am closing this thread again.


So it is up to you guys whether or not you want to install it. We tried it and it works okay. I think we just already just got used to the other great add ons.

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