New Fire TV and Fire TV Stick Updates.


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Amazon announced new updates to their Fire TV and Fire TV Stick line up. Amazon has improved this unit from the inside out. It now features Amazon’s Alexa voice search that was found in the Amazon Echo. It now has a 64-bit quad-core MediaTek processor and a GPU that’s twice as fast as the first-generation box. The first Amazon Fire TV already had pretty decent internal hardware specs which made it one of the fast selling set top boxes. The Amazon Fire TV will also now do 4K  which even the new Apple TV won’t be cable of doing. The great thing about all this you will still be able to purchase it for $99.99 Pre order the new Amazon Fire TV today

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The Amazon Fire TV Stick is getting a new voice remote bundle and software upgrade. As far as the internal upgrades, they will remain the same. You will able to purchase the new voice (Alexa) remote bundle for $50.00 or you can still get the same old Fire TV Stick bundle for $39.99


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