Troubleshooting Steps | Updated For Kodi Fire Build


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Revised for Kodi Fire Builds other versions see below.


  1. Go to add ons and click on raw maintenance.
    Kodi 2015-10-09 16.27.34



2. Click on the maintenance



Kodi 2015-10-09 16.27.51



3. Run each one of these and back out restart your device. This will help with the Low memory issue. If you don’t have the Kodi Fire Build see below on how to add the Raw Maintenance tool.

Kodi 2015-10-09 16.28.05


Amazon Fire TV/Amazon Fire TV Stick





Kodi is a great media center app and it runs well on all devices. A lot of people have the Amazon Fire TV Stick or the Amazon Fire TV. The Amazon Fire TV is a great box to run Kodi the only downside is the 8gb of space that it has. This can sometimes fill up due to thumbnails being saved in Kodi and all other kind of files. One way to fix this is to NOT set your device to Zero Cache. You can use the settings here to help with the buffering issues. Besides that its recommended you clear the cache from time to time. I do it every weekend just to be on the safe side. Using the raw maintenance add on can help out with the process.


1. Go to  Settings/File manager/ Add source.


2. Type in and name it anything for example raw and click ok.

3. Go to settings and click on add ons.


4. Choose install from zip file.


5. Click on the raw repo.


6. Click on the maintenance file.



7. Choose the


8. Finally go to settings get add ons and it enable it in the Raw Media Kodi add on.



9. After it is installed. Go to programs and it will be under Raw Maintenance. Click on maintenance.



10. Click on maintenance and run all three and restart Kodi. This will clear up some of the space causing the issues. Clear your cache every so often to prevent this from happening.



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